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  • Cowhide chair

    Cowhide chair

    Price: SOLD

  • Rosewood & fabric chairs

    Rosewood & fabric chairs

    Price: SOLD

  • Scandinavian stool

    Scandinavian stool

    Price: SOLD

  •  1970's teak stool by G-Plan

    1970's teak stool by G-Plan

    Price: SOLD

  • Ercol Windsor dining chairs

    Ercol Windsor dining chairs

    Price: P.O.A.

  • 1970's teak stool by G-Plan

    1970's teak stool by G-Plan

    Price: SOLD

  • Teak & black leather chairs (4)

    Teak & black leather chairs (4)

    Price: SOLD

  • Teak & fabric chairs (4)

    Teak & fabric chairs (4)

    Price: SOLD

  • 1960 G-Plan stool

    1960 G-Plan stool

    Price: SOLD

  • Vintage stool

    Vintage stool

    Price: SOLD

  • Bedside lockers

    Bedside lockers

    Price: SOLD

  • 1950's Sewing/Storage Box

    1950's Sewing/Storage Box

    Price: SOLD

  • Vintage hall stand - Oak

    Vintage hall stand - Oak

    Price: SOLD

  • 1930's Art Deco high cabinet

    1930's Art Deco high cabinet

    Price: SOLD

  • 1960/70's teak hall stand

    1960/70's teak hall stand

    Price: SOLD

  • Tall chest of drawers

    Tall chest of drawers

    Price: SOLD

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